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Pokemon Black & White

Pokemon Black & White strategies and statics

Cresselia Review

By pokemon-black, 09.11.2011, 10:32
MoonLight improved: By this I mean that, thanks to permanent sun is possible outside of Ubers, Cresselia can retrieve a huge amount of HP with this move.

Psyshock: Neither do I explain this attack in any psychic pokemon is useful.

Loss of Guardian: Cresselia lost some useful movements of tutors, and Magic Coat. Still not much.

Recommended Set:
Cresselia @ Leftovers
252 hp/200 def/56 sp.atk
Calm Mind
Psyshock / Ice Beam
Hidden Power (Fire) / Thunder Wave / Ice Beam

Conclusion: The increase of the sun is good for Cresselia and recuperative movement, but still I do not like that its use was only because another pokemon received something.

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