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Pokemon Black & White

Pokemon Black & White strategies and statics

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Sunday, 13. November 2011


By pokemon-black, 10:12
Magic Guard: I do not understand how cool is this ability to Alakazam, because he is a pokemon that should hit or die, Magic Guard is more a defensive ability. The only advantage is to deny Life Orb damage, but that alone is very little in my opinion.

Psyshock: This is a good buy, a common problem Alakazam walls were special, so you can use your titanic def sp.atk against them is welcome in any battle.

Loss of Guardian: Eluned movement really going to miss Alakazam is Signal Beam, who was a respectable option, and possibly Magic Coat.

Recommended Set:
Alakazam @ Life Orb
Timid / Modest
Sp.atk/252 252 speed / 6 hp
Skill: Magic Guard
Focus Blast
Shadow Ball
Calm Mind / Hidden Power (fire / ice)

Conclusion: Honestly, I do not have as good a Magic Guard Alakazam use, remains a powerful sweeper, and Magic Guard is better than the other 2 skills, but for me .... Just do not ... ...