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Pokemon Black & White

Pokemon Black & White strategies and statics

Sunday, 13. November 2011


By pokemon-black, 10:12
Magic Guard: I do not understand how cool is this ability to Alakazam, because he is a pokemon that should hit or die, Magic Guard is more a defensive ability. The only advantage is to deny Life Orb damage, but that alone is very little in my opinion.

Psyshock: This is a good buy, a common problem Alakazam walls were special, so you can use your titanic def sp.atk against them is welcome in any battle.

Loss of Guardian: Eluned movement really going to miss Alakazam is Signal Beam, who was a respectable option, and possibly Magic Coat.

Recommended Set:
Alakazam @ Life Orb
Timid / Modest
Sp.atk/252 252 speed / 6 hp
Skill: Magic Guard
Focus Blast
Shadow Ball
Calm Mind / Hidden Power (fire / ice)

Conclusion: Honestly, I do not have as good a Magic Guard Alakazam use, remains a powerful sweeper, and Magic Guard is better than the other 2 skills, but for me .... Just do not ... ...

Friday, 11. November 2011

Giratina Review

By pokemon-black, 10:39

Telepathy (normal form): Same ability DW Dialga and Plakias, same opinion.

Excellent offensive / defensive Giratina pretty well fulfilled their duties regardless of their shape, normal ls is extremely defensive, while the origin is a powerful sweeper.

No other items (source): The way home is trapped griseous use the orb, although give up their stabs, it would be preferable to anything that makes all its attacks, even griseous orb is so horrendous.

Recommended Sets:
Giratina @ Leftovers
Calm / Sassy
252 hp/56 def/200 sp.def
Shadow Ball / Hex
Calm Mind
Aura Sphere / Dragon Tail / Rest

Giratina-O @ Griseous Orb
Modest / Timid
Sp.atk speed/252 252 / 4 hp
Shadow Ball
Dragon Pulse / Draco Meteor
aura Sphere
Calm Mind / Thunderbolt / Energy Ball

Conclusion: Pokemon Giratina is a good, strong, either defensive or offensive, and has excellent Spinblock good moves. With the increase in bugs and fighters Pokemon, Giratina can shine easily stopped.

Thursday, 10. November 2011

Kirby small review

By pokemon-black, 10:36

Once again, Kirby appears on my latest Mini-Review.

Graphics and Sound: Like any Kirby game, the graphics are colorful and full of life, no scenery will make you look the other way. The music initially found it very good, but after a while became very attractive and addictive.

Gameplay: This is Kirby in its most classic. Jump, run and eat, is the basics. With advanced control now move helps to make a super inhalation, allowing catch large enemies. As for the power to copy, are from the classics (Cutter, Beam, Wing & Fire) to completely new (Leaf, Water, and my personal favorite Spear, Whip) or super versions (Monster Flame, Flare Beam, Grand Hammer ). Multiplayer is the best, to play up to 4 people is incredible, and the rest can easily enter and exit the game at any time. Whether taking MetaKnight control, or Dedede Waddle Dee Kirby or other, is a frenzy among friends. Levels meet the standards of a Kirby game. It's something we already knew, which is good, but sometimes want something new.

Difficulty: It's a Kirby game, so do not expect too much challenge. I think the biggest challenge is that the players share all their lives, which means that if one fails, we could all pay the price. Apart from that the difficulty is not something to be expected on a high.

Returns Kirby DreamLand is a gateway to welcome to the library's Nintendo Wii, to and we expected a good time on a console classic Kirby. Although not bring anything innovative 100%, the classic is still good. My rating: 8 / 10

Wednesday, 09. November 2011

Cresselia Review

By pokemon-black, 10:32
MoonLight improved: By this I mean that, thanks to permanent sun is possible outside of Ubers, Cresselia can retrieve a huge amount of HP with this move.

Psyshock: Neither do I explain this attack in any psychic pokemon is useful.

Loss of Guardian: Cresselia lost some useful movements of tutors, and Magic Coat. Still not much.

Recommended Set:
Cresselia @ Leftovers
252 hp/200 def/56 sp.atk
Calm Mind
Psyshock / Ice Beam
Hidden Power (Fire) / Thunder Wave / Ice Beam

Conclusion: The increase of the sun is good for Cresselia and recuperative movement, but still I do not like that its use was only because another pokemon received something.

Tuesday, 08. November 2011

Phione Review

By pokemon-black, 10:31
Hydration: With Drizzle policies are out there, Phione can abuse Rest infinitely.

Scald: A good move for abuse with RainRest, for good cause stall.

Without improvisation.

Recommended Set:
Phione @ Leftovers
252 hp/200 sp.atk/56 sp.def
Toxic / Ice Beam
Ice Beam / Grass Knot

Conclusion: Another pokemon that I like to use has risen due to another, not to mention Phione is not exactly the most powerful Pokemon in existence.